Clairefontaine Product Catalog

Clairefontaine - 'Basics' - Wirebound, Wirebound With Pockets, Clothbound, Cardboard Display

Clairefontaine - Life. The Reporter, Roadbook, Staplebound Duo

Clairefontaine - Classic - Wirebound

Clairefontaine - Classic - Staplebound, Twin Books, Clothbound, Hardcover

Clairefontaine - Classic Notepad - Wirebound, Staplebound, Music

Clairefontaine - Floor Displays, Countertop Displays

Clairefontaine - Collection '1951'

Clairefontaine - Panda Boo, Break the Rules, Frida Kahlo

Clairefontaine - Wrapping Paper, Gift Bags & Ribbons

Clairefontaine - Wrapping Paper & Gift Bags - Fashion Collection, Gift Bags

Clairefontaine - Natural Collection Wrapping Papers, Tissue Paper

Clairefontaine - GraF it Sketch Pads, Crok' Book

Clairefontaine - Trophee Sketchpad, Schut Watercolor

Clairefontaine - Coloring Book for Adults, Modou Sticky-Notes