The Life Noted app has unique features not found on other organizational apps.

Tech Talk for Moms

An attractive app, and I like how it combines notes and calendar appointments while keeping them separate.

Martin on Mobile Apps

Life Noted is a beautiful new task management and life documenting app that is easy to use, allowing you to add notes, photos and videos to your daily calendar.

Evolved Mommy

Life Noted will make a strong case for being one of the go-to calendar apps in the iTunes store

A Busy Dad of Two

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Life Noted – A Native iOS 7 App

Life Noted incorporates journals, video, photos, notes and calendar events, all in one place. It is an esstential planning and scheduling app to manage your busy life.

The Life Noted App is only available on iOS 7 and allows users to add pictures, video and notes to a simple-to-use daily planner, which is integrated with the iPhone calendar.

Exaclair’s strategy with the Life Noted App was to add unique value to the user’s existing iOS Calendar and manage the calendar’s appointments within one screen.

Life Noted lets users capture a moment in their life, record ideas, notes and observations, import videos and photos, and store memories of events and meetings alongside their iOS Calendar day view. Life Noted content is easily tagged and archived and can be exported via PDF to Evernote, Dropbox and other services to be retrieved for viewing, printing or sharing at any time.

The Life Noted app efficiently allows users to view, navigate and add unlimited amounts of information and imagery within their daily schedule in effect personalizing the user’s calendar with what is important to them.

Life Noted is a journal app, calendar app, time management app, planning app and notes app all in one.

Reasons why you should try the Life Noted App for free today to make journaling and planning digitally as rewarding and fun as on paper.

  • Life Noted has a unique Today View that lets you see all of your notes, photos, videos and events for that day all on one screen.
  • Life Noted syncs with iCal and all supported calendars. Paired with our note taking feature to create an all in one stop for jotting down ideas and planning out your days, weeks and months.
  • Search all notes and events by keyword and never lose an important idea or appointment again.
  • By merging calendaring, journaling, organizing, photo and video apps you can have everything in one place and stop juggling multiple apps.
  • With our intuitive Month View you can plan ahead accurately and easily. Borders around dates for all day and multi-day events for quick identification. Special feature that allows you to highlight selected calendars to show up in the Month View in a shade of blue so you never forget an important upcoming event again.

Clean and easy to use Life Noted will make recording, retrieving and remembering simple again.

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