Vintage / Retro

FAF Desk Pads

FAF pads have been around since the 1920s. They were manufactured in the same workshop used by Gustave Eiffel to design the Eiffel Tower.

Orange Rhodia Notepads

The first Rhodia pad was made in 1934 in Lyon, France. The Rhodia Notebook, originally a sideline for Rhodia, was to become its most famous product. It immediately overshadowed other office notebooks of the time because of its quality materials and original design of a scored front cover. The orange cover dates back to the 1934. It remains unchanged to this day.

Clairefontaine 1951 Notebooks

Clairefontaine's original cover design introduced in 1951. Julia Child used Clairefontaine notebooks for receipes and notes when she was living in Paris and studying at Le Cordon Bleu.

Quo Vadis 'Minister' Planning Diary

The Minister weekly format was introduced in the 1950s. An executive from Coca Cola loved the format and wanted to use it as a corporate holiday gift. The purchase and promotion by Coca Cola helped to launch Quo Vadis. The Minister continues to be one of the company's best-selling agenda planning diaries.

Glass Pens

Hand blown glass pens in the tradition of 16th century Venice. Each pen is an individual work of art. The fine glass tips are twisted in a light spiral to hold the maximum amount of ink - enough to write a full page of text without re-dipping.

India Ink ('Encre De Chine')

Also called "China Ink." Herbin began production of India ink in 1829. This ink's primary component is the lacquer found in the Punjab region of India. Fast drying, it produces a nice shine. Great permanency of color.

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