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Welcome to Exaclair

Exaclair USA is the exclusive U.S. importer and distributor of a French family of brands: Rhodia, Clairefontaine, J. Herbin, Brause, Schut Papier, Decopatch, Avenue Mandarine, G. Lalo, Exacompta, Quo Vadis and Maildor.

Exaclair was started in New York City in 1984 by our president, Christine Nusse. Beginning with a few stationery stores on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Exaclair has expanded nationally. Our products can be found in stationery, gift, art supply, bookstores, office supply, museums and other stores where fine writing products are sold.

We manufacture and import high quality French paper products, stationery, diaries and office supplies.

Our products include notebooks, notepads, journals, sketch books, coloring books for grownups, watercolor blocs, pads and sheets, craft papers, calligraphy supplies, fountain pen and specialty inks, crafts and activities for younger children, social stationery, weekly and daily planners, and customized products and corporate gifts.

Exaclair, Inc. is a subsidiary of Exacompta Clairefontaine, a family of companies which includes Exacompta, Clairefontaine, Rhodia, Quo Vadis, G. Lalo, J. Herbin, Brause, and Decopatch. Exaclair is the exclusive distributor in the United States of those companies' finished products. Quo Vadis and Exacompta agendas and journals are manufactured in Hamburg, New York by Quo Vadis Editions.

Products for creative people: Exaclair, Inc. is the American subsidiary of Exacompta Clairefontaine, a family of companies which includes Exacompta, Clairefontaine, Rhodia, Quo Vadis, G. Lalo, J. Herbin, Brause, Schut Papier, Decopatch, Avenue Mandarine and Maildor. Exaclair is the exclusive U.S. distributor of their products. We are based in New York City.

Centuries old brands and mills:Our companies have been making tools for living for centuries. Schut Papier was founded in 1617. J. Herbin, the oldest name in ink production in the world, was founded in Paris in 1670 when Louis XIV, the Sun King, ruled France.

Our difference is in our paper: Its consistent quality makes writing a pleasure. As people return to paper to create, relax or express themselves, we are confident they will find our brands. Good paper compliments a good writing instrument. Both perform at their best with each other.

Exaclair imports and distributes the following brand lines:

Clairefontaine Notebooks and Pads

Clairefontaine is famous for its exceptionally white and ultra smooth notebook paper. The Clairefontaine mill in the Vosges region of France makes notebooks and stationery. The Clairefontaine mill has been making paper since 1858 and stationery products since 1890. The company is best known for making the first school notebooks in France. Clairefontaine is currently the only European manufacturer making its own papers for its own products.

Clairefontaine is considered by many to be the world's best writing paper. It's spiral, staple-bound, and cloth-bound notebooks are a favorite of writers, students and fountain pen aficionados.

Clairefontaine notebooks are available ruled, French-ruled, graph and blank. We also offer multi-subject and paginated notebooks.

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Exaclair Product Lines

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Through our various brands, Exaclair imports and distributes a variety of fine paper products including: notebooks, writing pads, planners, appointment books, social stationery, wedding invitations, journals, decoupage paper, file storage and organization supplies, fine art paper, leather accessories, calligraphy materials, fountain pen inks, sealing wax and leather accessories. Our products are made in the United States, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

Exacompta Planners, Agendas, Journals and Portfolios

Exacompta is well known in France for its quality journals, agendas and filing products.

Exacompta – Exact Accounting - was founded in Paris as a printing and binding works to produce ledgers. At a time when accounting was done by hand, Exacompta Exacompta is located on le canal Saint-Martin in the 10th Arrondissement of Paris. manufactured ledgers of exceptional quality.

Decopatch: Decoupage Papers, Kits and Supplies

Decopatch marries the fashion flair of French textile designs to high quality decoupage paper. The paper is ultra thin, super strong and flexible, so it can be applied seamlessly to any shape or surface.

G. Lalo Social Stationery and Wedding Stationery

G. Lalo has been making stationery since 1920.Throughout the years, the quality and elegance of its products led it to be ‘de rigueur’ in most of the royal courts of Europe.

Verge paper has the look and feel of handmade paper. It even has the grid of parallel translucent lines (“vergeures”) made as the paper was laid to dry. These grids are very helpful as guides for handwriting.

Brause Calligraphy Nibs, Nib-Holders and Calligraphy Sets

Brause manufactures steel nibs for writing, drawing and decorating. Brause nibs can be found in the toolbox of many calligraphers, artists, penmen and illustrators.

Brause was founded in 1850 in Iserlohn, Germany, a region famous for the quality of its steel and the skill of its craftsmen. The founders, Carl and Friedrich Wilhelm Brause, and Carl Bergfeld, showed unusual concern for the well being of their employees, providing them with a company medical plan that existed right up to 1986.

Since then, Brause has been crafting a complete set of nibs considered to be one of the best on the market by calligraphers. With over 100 years of manufacturing experience, Brause is one of the rare companies to guarantee an essential quality for its nibs: a subtle balance between relative elasticity for easier writing, and necessary resistance for clear strokes.