Lettering Arts

1670 Caroube Ink

Caroube de Chypre is a dark brown ink with light red reflections and sparkling gold effect.

Rhodia No. 18 Pads

The practice pad of calligraphers, lettering artists, penmen, and people who teach cursive hand-writing. Smooth 80g paper. Available in dot grid, grid, blank and ruled.

"La Perle des Encres" Wooden Gift Box

"The Pearl of Inks" vintage student box set. Traditional violet ink, Brause steel nibs for writing, drawing and decorating.

Herbin Pigmented Inks

Copper pigmented ink is a favorite of calligraphers. Pigmented ink is available in gold, silver, white and copper.

Clairefontaine "Triomphe" Writing Pads

Recommended by Master Penman Michael Sull for Spencerian and Off-Hand Flourishing.

  • Extra white, 90g vellum finish paper
  • Available blank or ruled, 2 sizes
  • 50 sheets

Brause Calligraphy Nibs

Considered to be among the best calligraphy nibs on the market.

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