• Decopatch Journal & Notebook Covers

    Decopatch Journal & Notebook Covers

  • Decopatch Jewelry & Ornaments

    Decopatch Jewelry & Ornaments

  • Decopatch Goddess Mask

    Decopatch Goddess Mask

  • Decopatch Toys & Decorations

    Decopatch Toys & Decorations

  • Decorative Journal Covers

    Decorative Journal Covers

  • Decopatch Animal Figures

    Decopatch Animal Figures

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    Decopatch Mirror Frame

Paper crafts with a French flair!

Create with Decopatch!

Decopatch - It's Like Painting with Paper!

Welcome to Decopatch

Decopatch produces high quality decoupage papers, kits and decoupage supplies.

Decopatch paper is ultra thin, super strong and flexible, so it can be applied seamlessly to any shape or surface. Decopatch is the new decoupage paper: very thin but super strong and flexible. Decopatch paper easily covers every shape and texture. Decopatch paper goes on smoothly, so there is never a seam or bubble.

Applying Decopatch paper is like painting with paper. Decopatch paper goes on smoothly and evenly to any surface, including wood, metal, papier mache, plastic, glass, ceramic, fabric, acrylic, wax, wicker, cardboard and stone.

Decopatch paper is fun, easy to do and appeals to everyone. Crafters, artists, teachers, children and everyone who loves paper will enjoy Decopatch decoupage paper.

Decopatch decoupage products and product lines include:

Decopatch Decoupage Papers

  • Decopatch papers available in over 90 designs
  • Smooth Decopatch texture, allowing invisible overlays
  • Decopatch colors never run or fade
  • Decopatch papers are sold in packs of 20 sheets per design

Links for handhelds and mobile devices:

Decopatch Paper
Decopatch Papier Mache Animals
Getting Started with Decopatch
Decopatch Product Catalog

Decopatch Supplies (Glue, Varnish and Brushes)

  • Paperpatch Glossy Glue
  • Aquapro Professional Varnish
  • Boar Bristle Brushes
  • Nylon Bristle Brush

Decopatch Kits

  • Decopatch Frame Kits
  • Decopatch Kit-in-a-box

Decopatch Accessories

  • Decopatch Instructional Books
  • Decopatch Papier Mache Animal Figurines
  • Small, Large, and Oriental Frames for Decopatch
  • Decopatch Holiday Ornaments