2018 Arts & Crafts Catalog


Front Cover - Front of 2018 Arts & Crafts Catalog


Clairefontaine - Fontaine Watercolor Blocks and Pads

Clairefontaine - Fine Art Collection

Clairefontaine - Gift Wrap & Paper Crafts, Sketchbooks and Pads

Clairefontaine - Sketch Pads & Books

Clairefontaine - Manga Drawing Paper

Clairefontaine - Coloring Books for Adults

Clairefontaine - Floor & Countertop Displays


Herbin - Anniversary Inks

Herbin - Writing Instruments, Calligraphy Nib Holders

Herbin - Gift Set Collections

Herbin - Calligraphy Inks and Paper


Brause - Introduction to Calligraphy

Brause - Calligraphy Nibs & Nib Displays

Brause - Calligraphy Nibs


Herbin - Calligraphy Gift & Practice Sets

Avenue Mandarine

Avenue Mandarine - Decopatch Decoupage Kits

Avenue Mandarine - Graffy Color - Coloring Books

Avenue Mandarine - Graffy Paint - Paint Boards

Avenue Mandarine - Graffy Pop Masks and Mandalas

Avenue Mandarine - Decalco Mania! (Rub-Ons), Temporary Tattoos

Avenue Mandarine - Cloth Doll Painting Kits

Avenue Mandarine - Cloth Doll Keychain Kits, Sewing Kits

Avenue Mandarine - Origami Kits & Paper

Avenue Mandarine - 3-D Circus Puzzles

Avenue Mandarine - 3D Puzzle Decor

Avenue Mandarine - 3D Puzzle Decor

Avenue Mandarine - 3D Puzzle Decor

Avenue Mandarine - Gift-Boxed Puzzles, Educational Games

Avenue Mandarine - "Opposites" Puzzle, Pyramid Cubes

Avenue Mandarine - "Four Seasons" Puzzle, XL Puzzles

Avenue Mandarine - Card Games


Decopatch - Papers - Full Sheets

Decopatch - Decopatch Papers

Decopatch - Decopatch Papers

Decopatch - Papier-Mache, Small Animal Figurines

Decopatch - Papier-Mache, Medium Animal Figurines, Masks

Decopatch - Accessories, Frames & Holiday Ornaments

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